About Us

At the Len Hollis Smash Repair Facility, we provide quality service and an outstanding customer experience. You’ll love our modern smash repair facility located at Mortlake in Sydney’s Inner West which has been built on our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and the environment.

Located near Concord in NSW, the Len Hollis Smash Repair Facility has been repairing a diverse range of vehicles since 1980. Darren Myers purchased the business from Len and Mandy Hollis in 2007 when the business was a smaller operation. Darren subsequently grew the business which lead to the purchase and expansion into an additional space at 4 Emily Street.

Our professionally trained team brings combined knowledge, reassurance, and dedication that is second to none. Due to the importance of safety and technological advances in today’s modern vehicles, we provide our staff with ongoing professional training to ensure knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

Len Hollis Repair Facility was the first smash repairer in NSW to achieve the prestigious AMBRA Shop Grading, due solely to its commitment to training and development. This commitment to growth and development ensures all our customers receive the highest quality work on all vehicles. Read more here.

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