Len Hollis Smash Repair offers a comprehensive smash repair service at their state of the art facilities coupled with experienced and qualified staff to ensure all our customers receive a stress free vehicle repair process.

Repair Light Smash Repair

Fully Equipped State-of-the-Art Facility

Experience the latest technology in our state of the art paint shop for a quality factory finish.

Mercedes on alignment rack

Structural Aluminium Repair

Most modern vehicles include varying percentages of aluminium from when the vehicle was manufactured. Therefore these vehicles need to be repaired in a dedicated aluminium repair bay with dedicated tools and equipment to prevent the possibility of cross contamination and corrosion of steel particles.

Person repainting car parts

Latest Technology Spray Painting

We use water borne paints because this is what has used in all motor vehicle manufactures around the world use since the year 2000. By using water borne base coats we can reproduce the same factory finish restoring your vehicle back to its original manufactured condition with a life time warranty.

Why Is Len Hollis Repair Facility Your Best Choice?

Len Hollis Smash Repair Facility is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience that includes honest and accurate advice from the beginning and a detailed quote before any work is carried out on your vehicle. We will do our best to complete your smash repair as quickly as possible with honest and friendly customer service.

Quality workmanship, attention to detail, and most importantly our lifetime warranty is your peace of mind.

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Our Guarantee

We only use manufacturer’s genuine parts and equipped with aluminium repair bay. The latest Pro Spot i5 ‘inverted welding’ technologies and Spanesi 106 Universal Jig straightening bench for manufacturer approved structural repairs and replacement work combined with Spanesi electronic measuring equipment for evidential documentation of repair work.

This is also backed by a Standox Standoblue waterbourne paint lifetime warranty.